5800w Fluorescent Lighting Kit


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MFR Code: FK5800B Britek
5800W fluorescent lighting kit is the top of the line among our heavy duty fluorescent lighting products. This powerful fluorescent lighting kit has many superb characteristics shared by other heavy duty fluorescent lighting kits and is equipped with a boom/light stand that provides overhead lighting. Heavy- duty fluorescent lighting kits are intended for indoor use and are also great for small group video production as well as portrait photography. For more powerful and advanced fluorescent lighting kit, you may consider the 8000W Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom. Similar to other fluorescent lighting kits in its class, heavy-duty stands are used to support a large light bank equipped with eight light sockets and to prevent the light bank from tipping off when it gets raised up high. Another unique design of this stand is that it has two mounting points, which support both the larger light banks, such as PE9110, and smaller light holder like PE9060. Another key feature is that the light bank is power adjustable, meaning that you can change the amount of light projected to an area according to your needs. A fluorescent back light kit, such as 400W Professional Back Light Kit, can be purchased separately to eliminate background shadow. Two bags also included in this kit in case of lighting kit relocation.
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FK5800B 5800w Fluorescent Lighting Kit  
9080 PRO 3200 Fluorescent light bank 2 $239.98 
PP170051 Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb 16 $463.84 
9060 Pro 1500 Studio Cool Light Holder 1 $39.99 
9064 Softbox for Fluorescent Light PE9060 1 $44.99 
4098 Studio Boom stand 1 $79.99 
2020L Large Carry Bag (24"x23"x13") 1 $11.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
3178-1 Large Carry Bag 1 $12.99 
5310 Giant Light Stand 2 $129.98 
9054 Softbox for PE9050, 9080, 9110, 9260 2 $107.98 
PP170056 Photo High RA Fluorescent Lamp 240W 1 $80.99 
Kit Discount 1 $-321.72 
Instant Savings 1 $-180.00 
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