2650W Halogen light kit


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MFR Code: FK2650 Britek
Halogen light kits give you a mix of advantages of strobe and fluorescent systems. Similar to the strobe lighting kit, the halogen light kit is compact enough so that you can easily relocate your studio quickly. Halogen light kits are like fluorescent lighting kit in the way that they give photographers or videographer a continuous light source. Halogen lights are nothing new but it still plays an important role in the advancement of new technologies like digital photography and 3-D filming. Halogen light is a must-have tool for many videographers because the light it delivers provides optimal color temperature revealing the model’s skin tone. With new improvement in digital photography, halogen lights can be used for still photography with the aid of Auto White Balance (AWB) to achieve day light results.

This kit delivers 2650W of power, consisting of two continuous halogen light banks – one 1000W and one 650W –, two height-adjustable light stands and one boom stand. This configuration allows you to set up your light kit in various combinations! Instead of mounting the third light on the boom stand, you can disassemble the boom and mount the bank on the stand and place the light in a location wherever is appropriate. This halogen light kit is suitable for all kinds of photo shoots including product photo shoots and is also powerful enough for filming a small group of people.
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FK2650 2650W Halogen light kit  
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