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Research and Development
Before developing any new products, Linco’s research & development team collects the same or similar products on the market, analyzes the differences among different products, communicates with photographers, and tests the products for future improvement. Linco puts high quality control standards as a priority at every step of production in order to provide the best possible quality products to our customers.

Trial and Error
The design procedure for one single part of a new product may take over 20 blueprints and in certain situations 10 prototypes need to be created for the modification and testing phase. Sometimes, a product may be modified more than 30 times before its final release for mass production. Based on our belief of providing the best quality products possible to customers in an eco-friendly way, Linco Inc. provides the best products to customers and insists on keeping the highest quality control without wasting any material during the manufacturing process.

Material Selection and Comparison
Material or parts that will be used in the manufacturing process has to pass a series of testing in order to maintain overall quality and enhance lifespan of the product. Different from other consumer products that wear out in a short period of time, products manufactured by Linco Inc. are of the highest quality and easily withstand the test of time.

High Quality Standards
With the aide of the quality control department, Linco can carefully check and evaluate materials that have been shipped by vendors. Defective items are subject to return since Linco does not tolerate low quality products. We never pay a lower price just to receive lower quality products; our emphasis is to provide the best quality. For example, Linco Inc. is able to control the variance of the stud within 0.1mm. For example, items with uneven painting are also considered defective by Linco and will be returned to the supplier. We use only about fifty percent of the light stand studs supplied by our suppliers since the rest of them are considered “defective” under our quality standards. The emphasis on quality makes our light stands flawless when presented to customers.

Standard of Processing
When a product is still under the work in progress phase, people at Linco Inc. are required to follow its standard of processing in order to control and maintain the product’s highest quality and reduce its standard variance within 0.1mm. To meet our requirements in both precision and to provide the best quality product to our customers, we sometimes have to screen out approximately 40 percent of products before they actually ready for final packaging.

Complete quality check on product finishing
Before outsourcing the bake varnish job to a processing factory, we must select from many outsourcing factories making sure they have a good reputation as well as outstanding skills. Every piece processed by the outsourced factory is subject to the most strict inspections and selection. A slightly defective item, such as uneven and scraped finishing, will be returned to the processing factory. This is why the surface of our light stands is crystal clear without any scratches or dust. In other words, when you purchase six light stands from us, another four stands did not meet our product finishing standards and have been returned to the outsourced processing factory.

Complete and Detailed Packaging
Packages are designed to completely protect the product inside avoiding product shaking during delivery. We require assembly workers to follow standards of packaging to ensure labels are free of air pockets. Our strict requirements in packaging allow us to deliver the best products for our customers.

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